Anhui Province

Anhui Office

Address:C-NO.1804 Room,Xindi Plaza,No.333 of Qimen Road,Zhengwu District, Hefei City,Anhui Province



Beijing Province

Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Address:907Room Ze Yang Building,Fushi Road No.166,Jingshan Hill District,Beijing municipal.

 Tel:010-5263 8621



Chongqing office

Address: 25-10 Room , A Region, Hongding guoji  building, Guanyingqiao Road, Jiangbei District,Chongqing City

Tel: 023-67073068




Xiamen Office

 Address:207 Room,Qianpuerli No.164,Siming District,Xiamen City.

Tel:0592-2181368  13606069732


Fujian Province

Fujian Branch

Address:ZhengDa Plaza, No.18 of WUyizhong Road,Gulou District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

phones:0591-8788 0521


Gansu Province

Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Engineering (Gansu) Co., Ltd

 Adress: No.1510 Room,Jinyu Building,  Qilihe Jiangongxi Street, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

Tel: 0931-8476 346



Guangri Elevator Engineering (Guangzhoui) Co., Ltd

Address: 601-606 Room,The Sixth floor of Hualong Building, No.238 of Tianhe Road , Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Tel: 020-3113 1008

Fax: 020-8526 1901


Guangdong Province

Zhanjiang Office

Address: No.905 Room, the ninth-floor of Zhanjiang Building, No.34 of Renmindadaonan Road , Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City

Tel: 0759-222 1620

Fax: 0759-222 1621

QingYuan Distribution Company

Address: No.1503 Room , No.4 Building of DongJunHaoTing, No.8 of RenMingYi Road,PingCheng Disctrict, Qingyuan City

Tel: 0763-3787100

Fax: 0763-3787100

Dongguan office

Address: No.603 Room, The business center of DiWang Plaza , DongZong Road, GuanCheng District, Dongguan City

Tel: 0769-2223 8516

Shantou Branch

Address: No.1604-1607 Room,No.2 Building, XinYiCheng Plaza, ChangJiang Road, Longhu District, Shantou City

Tel: 0754-8992 3004

Fax:0754-8992 3004

Huizhou service center

Address: 809-810 Room , Fushen building, No. 9 of Jiangbeiwenmingyi Road, Huizhou City, Guangdong Provine
Tel: 0752-220 3161  
Fax: 0752-220 3162

Guangri Elevator Engineering (Foshan) Co., Ltd

Address: No. 4 of Daguan Road, Middle of Fenjiang Road, Foshan City

Tel: 0757-8224 3455

Fax: 0757-8222 2832

Guangri Elevator Engineering Service (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd

Address: Underground of 23rd Building, Huajing Garden, No. 58, Jidashihuadong Road, Zhuhai City

Tel: 0756-335 5801

Fax: 0756-335 5802

Guangri Elevator Maintenance Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Address:1903 Room , No.3 Building, Pengyi Garden, Baguayi Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City

Tel: 0755-2584 9770

Fax: 0755-2587 3780


Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Guangxi Service Center

Address: 32-B Room , No. 9 building, Ronghe Central Park, Dongge Road, Nanning City, Guagnxi Province

Tel: 0771-5671 184

Fax: 0771-5671 184


Guizhou Province

Guiyang Service Center

Address:No.1  Room, 34th Floor,No.2 Unit, NO.12 building , Haiyuanlong Square, Beijing Road,Yunyan District,Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

Tel:0851-8688 9365


Hainan Province

Hainan Office

Address: 705 Room, Caifuzhongxin Building, No. 38 of Datong Road, Haikou City

phones: 0898-36368826


Hebei Province

HeBei Distribution Company

address:2901 Room ,The west of Guangan  building, Guangan  Road , Changan  District, Shijiazhuang City ,Hebei Province

Tel: 0311-86250786    183 3231 8580


HeiLongJiang Province

HeiLongJiang Service Center

No.2212 Room, No.2 office Building, XingGuangYao Plaza, QunLiDaDao Road, DaoLi District, HaErBin City, HeiLongJiang Province

Tel: 0451-84807630


Henan Province

Henan Branch

Address: No.702 Room, 17th floor of Weiyecaizhi Plaza, No.8 Building , CBD Shangwuneihuan Road,Zhengdongxin District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Tel: 0371-5567 8625

Fax: 0371-5567 8625


Hubei Province

Hubei Branch

Address: 1801 Room , No.4 Building, FanHaiGuoJi SOHO Plaza,  Jianghan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Tel: 027-6566 2839

Fax:027-6566 2839


Hunan Province

Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Engineering (Hunan) Co., Ltd

Address: No.501 Room, 5th Floor , No. 331 of Shaoshanbei Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City , Hunan Province

Tel: 0731-8990 7817

Fax: 0731-8990 7817 8021


Inno mongolia

Inno mongolia Office

Address:405 Room,No.3 Unit,No.8 Building,Wanda Plaza,Qingnian road,Qingshan District,Baotou City,Inno Mongolia province

Tel:180 4770 6265


Jiangsu Province

Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Engineering (Jiang su) Co., Ltd

Address: 9 floor, Hongyun Building, No.185 of Hanzhong Road, Nanjing City , Jiangsu Province

Tel: 025-5225 8710

Fax: 025-5225 8716-84


Jiangxi Province

Jiangxi Branch

Address: No.606 Room, Qunhui Building, No.177 of Jingdong Road, Gaoxin District,Nanchang, Jiangxi

phones:0791-8855 0015

Fax: 0791-8855 0015


Jilin Province

JiLing Service Center

Address:1202 Room,  No.1 Region, Block B of Changchun International Business Centre Building,Jiefang Road,Changchun City, JiLin Province

phones: 0431-8106 8918

 Fax : 0431-8106 8918


Liaoning Province

Shenyang Branch

Address:1301 Room,No.99 building, AoYuanGuoJiCheng Plaza, No.1208 of NanJingNan Street, SuJiaTun District,ShenYang City,Liaoning Province

Tel: 024-31533801


Qinghai Province

Xining Office

Address:No.1042 Room, No.1 Unit,  No.5 Building, A region of HaiHongYihHao Plaza,HaiHu Road, Chengxi District, Xining City,Qinghai Province

Tel:0971-8455 786 

Fax:0971-8455 786


Shaanxi Province

Shanxi Branch

Address: No.2603 Room, Saigaoshangwugang Building, Fengchenger Road, Jingkai District, XIan City, ShanXi Province

Tel: 029-8523 9773

Fax: 029-8523 9773


Shandong Province

QingDao Service Center

 Address: No.1103  Room, No.1 building of the WanDa central Mansion, No.177 of JuFeng Road, Licang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Tel: 0532-67705669

Shandong Branch

 Address:705A of Room, No.9 of BuildingI, ShunTai Plaza, No.2000 of ShunHua Road, GaoXing District,Jinan City

phones: 0531- 8289 6855

 Fax: 0531-8289 6855



Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Address: No.301 Room, No.15 of 458 Street, GuoXia Road, Putuo District, Shanghai City

Tel: 021-3362 6178

Fax: 021-3362 6177



Shanxi Province

Shanxi Office

Address: No.2402 Room,  2 Unit, Milan Holiday A Building, No. 173 of Pingyang Road, Taiyuan City, ShanXi Province

phones: 0351-4606 222
Fax: 0351-4606 222


sichuan Province

sichuan service center

 Address:  A5 Room, Huangxin Building, NO.9 of East five, Erhuan Road, Chengdu City, sichuan Province

Tel: 028-8453 3155  028-8678 4616

Fax: 028-8453 3155


Yunnan Province

Yunnan Distribution Company

 Address:7-23 Room, No.4 building of Yinhaiguoji, The crossing of the Erhuannan and Chuncheng Road,Guandu District,Kunming City ,Yunnan Province

Tel:    0871-6833 6301  

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