R & D platform


R & D center

Research Center

Our R & D Center is named the Enterprise Technology Center of Guangzhou, Elevator Engineering and Technical Research and Development Center of Guangzhou, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong.

Testing Tower for Elevator

Elevator Test Tower

Technical innovation and stability are essential to win the long-term trust of customers. In 2001, The elevator testing tower of Guangri was built with a height of 68 meters, in which each new technology will be tested before application. Continuous improvement will be made to ensure the reliability. Guangri Testing Tower becomes one of the research and development center for elevators of high level, large load and high speed.

Permanent magnet synchronous technology

Permanent magnet synchronous technology

To lower the energy consumption and noise, reduce the oil pollution and simplify the design of architecture, Guangri Elevator constantly pursues the technological innovation, and takes the lead to develop the new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction elevator - Greenmax series in the elevator industry of China, with the advantages of this technology such as high efficiency, energy-saving, comfort and beautiful appearance, safety and reliability, Greenmax elevator will bring better riding experiences to the passengers.

Permanent magnet synchronous technology

Technology of solar energy and hybrid energy home elevator

Solar hybrid home elevator technology

Application of solar power on the elevators is the latest energy-saving technology in energy saving field. As the first one to adopt solar-powered technology on home elevators, Guangri Elevator sets up an application platform for this technology and extends the application to ordinary passenger elevators. At present, Guangri Elevator has developed series of solar-powered products which can meet the demands of particular customers from special areas.

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